Water resists nothing and overcomes everything
— Ancient Wisdom

This class will benefit individuals, health care providers, and herbal practitioners alike, in their understanding of the vital role Kidney Essence plays in achieving optimum health and longevity. Water is the first and most essential of the Five Elements. The Water Element emotion is Fear, and like the kidneys, fear is deeply rooted. We are not even consciously aware sometimes of major areas of fear and insecurity and how this might be affecting our kidneys, or how in turn deficient kidneys feed the emotion of fear. The highest expression of the Water Element is Wisdom. Beyond Fear lies Wisdom. There is no better time than now to study our relationship with the Water Element, restore our adrenals, strengthen our kidneys, and move beyond fear.

Hidden Treasure: Kidney Essence & the Water Element contains information that I hope will one day be taught to our children as a matter of course so they can better learn and understand how to live wholly and joyfully in a human body. Healing takes place in the context of relationships and by coming into conscious relationship with our own bodies, we become empowered. Knowledge is power and empowered people make empowered choices. Nowhere can this be seen more powerfully than in the choices that affect health and well-being. We have not really been taught how to take care of ourselves, or what it means to have a longevity plan.

With so many wonderful insights into healing and knowledge brought to us by modern science and ancient healing systems, we have the opportunity to create a new system of healing: one that holds our best interests. Our current Western model of healing is steeped in the heroic and mechanistic model. Eastern Medicine on the other hand is an empirical system of knowledge that has been in place for thousands of years. When we marry the best of our current models of medicine with the healing modalities of the ancients, a bigger picture emerges: one in which the whole person is seen in the light of a new understanding. This course will explore a holistic approach to taking care of a vital organ system as we discover its Hidden Treasure.

Hi, I am Thea Summer Deer

I am an herbal practitioner in the Energetic model aligned with the Wise Woman and European Herbal Traditions, and draw from the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory. A graduate of BotanoLogos School of Herbal Studies, I also earned a doctorate in Philosophy and Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies from Venus Rising University. I am a clinical herbalist who has been teaching Five Element online for over 10 years, and at various herbal medicine schools and conferences.

Teaching Five Element is my passion. It is my personal vision for the future that this knowledge will be taught to our children so they can live healthy lives connected to, and aligned with, natural laws. I also envision a day when this knowledge will be incorporated into our hospitals and global health care systems.

My involvement in Alternative Medicine spans 45 years as a nutritionist, midwife, childbirth educator, herbalist, owner of MindBody and Evolutionary Press, and as Executive Director of Resources for World Health. My articles have appeared in numerous magazines, books and publications, and I am the author of Wisdom of the Plant Devas: Herbal Medicine for a New Earth. Please visit my website: Thea Summer Deer

Will Power

Did you know that the Will corresponds with the Water Element? How much more could you accomplish with reserves to fuel will power? Learn how to increase your deep, watery, yin reserves and your will power through dietary, herbal, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations in Hidden Treasure: Kidney Essence & the Water Element.

Ancestral Inheritance

Our ancestral inheritance is passed down through the Water Element. It is an essential treasure that is not to be squandered. Spending more energy than we have in reserve creates an endless cycle of depletion. In this class you will learn how to protect your inheritance and invest in a longevity plan that will bring you more energy and joy.

Hidden Treasure

The kidneys and adrenals are Water Element organs known as "Kidney" in TCM. They hold the Hidden Treasure of our essential essence in the form of prenatal and postnatal jing. Your kidneys are the deepest organs and the foundation for all yin and yang in the body. In this class you will learn how to avoid burnout & the depletion that leads to dis-ease.

Introduction to Hidden Treasure

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Water Haiku

Freeze, then melts, refreeze

Water turned to ice, to steam

Power of Water